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These are some of the feedback responses we've received from some of our customers, If you would like to send us some feedback on your Micro Medix experience feel free to email us at:


  I'm thrilled with my decision to go with a custom-built desktop. Shannan worked with me every step of the way, through changes and indecision, and I now have the computer of my dreams. I multitask like crazy and have insane browsing habits (fifty open tabs, anyone?), and this computer handles everything that I've thrown at it without slowing down at all. I think I've finally met my match, and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks so much, Shannan - I really do appreciate the time and effort you put into this for me.
Anna Garcia-Smith

  Shannan, Wow again!, this new computer is so super fast. Saturday night our Road Runner was running at 15530 KB's per second. I have never seen it in the 14000 range before. My Grandson opens his games up so fast now that he can't even believe it. I think you just wave the mouse over an icon and it wants to open.

Thanks again,
Mike Burger

  Just wanted to say I am SO GLAD that you took over Odie's business! I never expect it, but I really appreciate that you get my stuff done so quickly, and that you guys are always so friendly and helpful...not to mention your reasonable prices. My husband and I own a small business and I run a local agency and we try to do business locally, but it is sometimes difficult when you are treated poorly. At the office, I had been doing my computer business out of town, but will be coming to you in the future and have been sending my friends and colleagues.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  So far so great on our new computer you built for us. All we had to do is plug everything in and go. I feel your business will be a success because you didn't push us into something we didn't want. When we bought a copier somewhere else you had me bring it in so you can hook it up to make sure the system worked. And to top it off, you upgraded my value for free on the monitor size. Russ and I will make sure we spread the word around TIMKEN and BPT about your business. (It actually made me glad to shop Bucyrus) Thanks again guys...


  Thought you guys deserve a great big thanks for getting the printer running for us. If it were not for this job, things would not have to be done on such a hurry up basis. We never know from one day to the next where we are going to be. It is so nice to know that you are there for us! Take care guys. Until something goes wrong again I promise not to bug you.

Thanks again..
Sandy & Ed

  Hi Shannan,

Our computer works great now, thanks for the great service. I really appreciate all of your help. It's great to have honest people still out in the business world. I took all of your cards to work.



Just thought I would let you know that I think you solved the problem. I'm no longer having the problems I was before. I was able to use the net after I called and you helped me. Thanks for all your fast service, I am telling everyone at work about your business.


  Thanks for getting our computer working properly. It works great. Just thought I would send you a E-mail to let you know. Thanks again for the great service. It is nice to know that there are still people (honest) out there that care about their customer's. Keep up the good work. The new Monitor is fantastic.

Catch ya later,

  Thank you for the friendly service that you gave me. I appreciate your time and personal touch that you give your customers. Word travels fast in small communities and I will highly recommend you everywhere that I go. Again thank you guy's!!!!!!!